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September 2     Labor Day - No School

September 5     Open House for K-5;   Two identical sessions at 6:00 and 6:30.

September 6     PRACTICE evacuation to the Lillis Center at 8:45.  If we ever need to go off campus for an emergency, all students will walk to the Lillis Center.

September 10   PTA Meeting at 6:00.  Guest speaker, Robin Cormier, behavior interventionist for the district will talk about how to help our kids self-regulate and deal with their emotions.  You will not want to miss this!!!

September 25   Individual Picture Day

September 2019 Newsletter

PEAK and Health/PE Information:

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Enrollment Information

Registration Information

A parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian will need to fill out an Enrollment Form for each child new to the District, including Kindergarten students. You may download the form and have it filled out before enrolling at the school to save time or you may fill it out at the school.

Required forms:
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School Information

School Start Time:  8:15    

School End Time:  2:15 for K-3 and 3:00 for 4-5

Wednesday Early Out Time:  1:15 for K-3 and 2:00 for 4-5


With the change of weather comes a reminder about where to drop off and pick up your children at school.  

Please refrain from stopping and parking in the middle of 38th Street or in the crosswalk,
but pull along the curb to drop off your kids. Thank you.

Also, I ask that parents don't use the teacher parking lot along the south and west side of the school (in the back)
to drop off or pick up unless your child is attending "Morning Math Club".  Again, thank you.

Please pass this information to anyone who is responsible for your child's transportation.  Your help is much appreciated!!!

St. Johns/Mission Ridge campus is NOT the proper spot to drop off and pick up your children!!  THANKS!

IMPORTANT:  If there is ever an emergency at Arrowhead in which parents must be notified, the call out system will call you.  This system takes 2 hours to contact ALL parents so we ask all parents to check the BPS website at    The most updated information will be on this website.
Please do NOT call the school or DRIVE to the school as phone lines get overwhelmed and we want easy access to the school.  Thank you!!


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